About Us

PRESENT USA Company represents European home improvement brands in the USA. Founded in 2015 and rapidly expanding our product portfolio and number of sales channels. Looking at the styles and designs offered by the big box retailers we saw great opportunity for European brands with great innovations and design. Our goal is to offer those great innovations and design to American home owners, architects, and interior designers.

With this website we offer a wide range of European brands in stone veneers, mosaic tiles, bathroom fashion, bathroom fixtures, and bathroom vanities for direct purchase. A few of the notable brands are:

The Mosaic Factory

The Mosaic Factory is Europe's No.1 Mosaic Tiles Specialist. For over 20 years The Mosaic Factory has been a specialist in the production and distribution of glass- and ceramic mosaic tile products. Their collections are produced according to tailor made specifications and high standards.

Together with their partner Mosaic Assemblers in Dublin we can offer you mosaic designs limited only by your imagination! Let us know your design and wishes and we coordinate the purchase, assembly, and import of your mosaic project!


Stone Design


Stone Design manufactures and supplies premium stone veneer and natural stone wall panels for residential and commercial application. We are design specialists in Do-It-Yourself friendly manufactured stone veneer-, reinforced gypsum-, 3D effect- and natural stone wall covering panels.


Stone Design offers design flexibility and functionality for home designers and architects, and is perfect for renovation or new construction. The innovative thin design of our panels make them easy to install, lightweight, affordable and durable. 


We are committed to deliver excellence in every part of the process and we deliver unprecedented service to our customers.


Stone Design is a brand and concept owned by Decor Son in The Netherlands. Decor Son is a European-wide renowned manufacturer and trade company in building materials. All Stone Design products on this website are designed, manufactured, and imported from The Netherlands. 



Sealskin in Waalwijk is a company steeped in tradition, which celebrated its 250 year anniversary in 2004. Gerrit van Loon, the founder of the present organization, set up his company in Waalwijk in 1754.

Sealskin has been producing an extensive assortment of sanitary products for many years now, and has built up a broad customer base in Europe and beyond. The Sealskin range consists of baths and related items, shower components and products to maintain, install or clean the Sealskin bath or shower products. Since 1986, Sealskin has been part of the Coram Group. As is Tiger Bathroom Design, a European wide brand of wall mounted bathroom fixtures and wall mounted bathroom vanities. Tiger Bathroom Design is also represented by PRESENT USA Company in the USA.

Present USA Company is interested in establishing business partnerships with new European brands