KinglySlate Stacked Stone 24" x 6" Peel And Stick California Gold Slate, Box 10 sq. ft.

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KinglySlate Stacked Stone Peel And Stick is THE stone veneer solution that is revolutionizing the world of stone cladding, giving you the rich and sweeping colors of real stone and the flexibility, sturdiness, and lightness of fiberglass. KinglySlate is an adaptable, and durable stacked stone that can be used on interior as well as exterior walls. The top layer is actual natural stone on a backing of fiberglass resin. The extraordinary production process of KinglySlate makes every sheet unique. Its natural stone with the benefits of being flexible, lightweight, and having no installation and maintenance cost. 

KinglySlate is the one and only Do-It-Yourself stone decor product. No costly structural changes needed, and no prior technical knowledge required.


Product Specifications

  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Sheet size (WxH in Inch): 23 3/4"x6'
  • 10 Sheets per box (covering 9.9 sq.ft.)
  • Sheet thickness: 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6 mm)
  • Weight approx.: 0.6 lbs./sq.ft. (3 kg / m2)
  • Easy peel and stick installation
  • Interior and exterior applicable
  • Weatherproof and frost resistant

Popular Applications

KinglySlate can be applied to any dry and dust free surface. Popular applications are:

  • Building facades
  • Commercial spaces and offices
  • Retail displays and trade exhibitions
  • Feature walls
  • Columns and pillars
  • Backsplashes
  • Bathroom walls
  • Furniture and millwork
  • RV/Boat interiors

Installation and cutting

  • Easy peel and stick installation
  • KinglySlate can be cut and trimmed with tin snips or industrial scissors
  • For 100% straight cuts, the use of a hard metal tipped circular saw is recommended. E.g. a table saw with diamond blade or stone saw
  • The use of KinglySlate sealer is recommended for all applications, as it prevents the buildup of dirt and augments the stone color


  • It is highly recommended to order a sample. Samples are swatches of the original product. Samples are meant to give the touch/feel effect, color tones and surface finish etc. You may not be able to use it for your installation
  • When measuring your project and ordering the product quantity make sure you order at least 10% extra for cuts, trimming, and future repairs